Monday, March 21, 2011

Married for one Month!

Wow how the time flies! One month ago today I married my best friend and the man of my dreams!!! It is so much fun to remember all the fun memories of that wonderful weekend. Thank you to all who came it was really a blessing to have all of our close friends share in such a wonderful event. 

Well a lot has happened in this first month of being married let me begin with a short list:

·      Get married
·      Pack like crazy next day to leave for New Zealand
·      Honeymoon in Fiji! (It was amazing !!!!!)
·      Leave Fiji in a helicopter and find out as we are trying to take off that the hydraulics have broken.  Land safely and wait for another helicopter.  (We arrived safely in the second helicopter.)
·      Fly to Christchurch, New Zealand
·      See the devastation from the Feb 22 earthquake.
·      Meet the wonderful leaders from the Ilam SDA church that we will be working with.
·      Do outreach in the neighborhoods of Christchurch,  answering question like “where is God when it hurts”, “Why does God allow these terrible things to happen”  etc.
·      Look for housing- no luck so far
·      Start up the prophecy meetings again, with speaker David Asscherick.
·      Have a wonderful turnout at meetings, with about 350 people each night.
·      Feel several earthquakes! 3.8, 4.7, and most recently a 5.1 (it’s definitely shaky here!)
·      Do some exploring on the coast of New Zealand, and see dolphins.
·      Continue to work on my Midwifery School.
·      Have powerful Bible studies with people in the Christchurch area.

These are just a few of the adventures we have had so far!

We are so grateful to be working for the Lord and we see His many Blessing everyday. Please continue to pray for us and our ministry here in New Zealand.

Amber and Samuel

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