Monday, March 21, 2011

Becoming Kiwi

Becoming Kiwi

So here in New Zealand the native people are called Kiwi. There is also the Kiwi bird, and the Kiwi fruit so it can get a bit confusing. As we have discovered life here in NZ is a bit different than in the US, but we are slowly being intergraded into the Kiwi culture. Before we know it maybe we will be Kiwi too! You will have to let us know if we start to sound a little Kiwi!  To start with, the Kiwi language is English but it defiantly has some new words and phrases. Here is a list I have been making.

NZ            US
·      Tea time= Dinner
·      Tea towel= dish rag
·      Wee bit= small or little ( “I will take a wee bit more”)
·      Good as Gold= not a problem (“ Could I pay for this later? Good as gold mate”)
·      Flash= means it looks good (“that’s flash”)
·      Hooray= The Kiwi “Goodbye”
·      Heaps= a lot (“ I miss you heaps”)
·      Chap= friend
·      Mate= friend or buddy
·      Boot= car trunk
·      Car park= parking lot
·      Petrol= Gasoline
·      Moterway= freeway
·      Chips= French fries
·      Tomato sauce= Ketchup
·      Courgette= zucchini
·      Biscuit= cookie
·      Cotton buds= Q-tips
·      Flat= apartment
·      Good on ya, mate!= Well done
·      Ground flood= the first floor (they call the second flood 1st floor)
·      Jumper= sweater or sweatshirt
·      Toilet= bathroom
·      Mum= Mom
·      Nappy= Diaper
·      Push bike= bicycle
·      Rubbish= trash or garbage
·      Shift= to move (“We will shift out tomorrow”)
·      Torch= flashlight
·      Wardrobe= dresser or close closet
·      Zed= How they say the letter Z

Here are some other differences:

·      They drive on the left side of the road.
·      There are lots of roundabouts.
·      Most of the time the toilet is in another room from the shower/tub and sink.
·      In the homes the doors almost always open in.
·      There are different spickets for the hot and cold water in the bathroom. (no way to get warm water, either hot or cold).
·      There are no screens on the windows (there are always flies in the house).
·      They have these Flyswatters that have some electronic way of zapping the fly and then it just falls dead.
·      Everyone seems to own a heard of sheep.

Well that is all I can think if right now, I hope this gave you a little inside to the Kiwi life we live here! 

Love always,
 Amber & Samuel


  1. So happy to see you're enjoying all the cultural differences! I look forward to seeing how things go! Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Your Cousin Kyle

  2. Amber, so happy to find your blog! Miss you lots, and glad you are safe :-) Love ya!

  3. Seems like the Kiwi culture is a lot like the European, and the language has some similarities to the British :)

    I've seen your pictures, they make me want to come visit.

    God is taking care of you, be faithful